2013 Call for Nominations for SSE Council

Any member of the SSE can nominate another member of SSE for Council. In each annual election, nominations are solicited for the President (three-year term, serving as President-elect, then President, then retiring president), and two Councilors (three-year term). In addition, nominations for two Vice-Presidents (one from North America and one from elsewhere, two-year term) and Executive Vice-President (three-year term) will be sought in 2013 to begin serving in 2014.

To nominate a member for the Council or for an officer position (President, North American Vice President, non-North American Vice President, Executive Vice-President), please submit by March 30 the name and contact information of the nominee, preferably with a short statement explaining why you think your nominee would serve SSE well in his or her capacity. 

The Nominations Committee of the SSE will consider all nominated candidates and determine a single slate to present to Council for ratification.  By constitution, this slate must consist of two candidates for each office, except for the offices of Executive Vice-President and Secretary who run uncontested.

In selecting candidates, the nominations committee will give due consideration to publication and service history, representation of the various fields of interest to the Society, and representation of the diversity of the SSE membership.

For more details, please see the SSE Constitution

Respectfully submitted, John Kelly, SSE Secretary

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