New Faculty Profiles

SSE is launching a new series of New Faculty Profiles to highlight and introduce up-and-coming PIs in SSE. We invite highlighted faculty to discuss their research, describe how SSE has impacted their career, and share any tips or stories they may have for other researchers.

May 2018

Dr. Alison Wright

Dr. Wright is a NERC Independent Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield studying evolutionary conflicts of interest between males and females and the genomic mechanisms that lead to their resolution. Read her full profile here.

Dr. Cassie Stoddard

Dr. Stoddard is an assistant professor of biology at Princeton University studying avian vision and coloration and the development and structure of avian eggs. Read her full profile here.

April 2018

Dr. Jeremy Yoder

Dr. Yoder is an assistant professor of biology at California State University Northridge studying coevolution and the population genomics of local adaptation. Read his full profile here.

Dr. Megan Phifer-Rixey

Dr. Phifer-Rixey is an assistant professor of biology at Monmouth University studying the genetics of adaptation. Read her full profile here.


March 2018

Dr. Rayna C. Bell

Dr. Bell is a vertebrate research zoologist at the National Museum of Natural History studying the mechanisms that generate ecological and evolutionary diversity in amphibians and reptiles. Read her full profile here.

Dr. Sarah W. Fitzpatrick

Dr. Fitzpatrick is an assistant professor at the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station at Michigan State University studying how genetic drift, gene flow, and selection interact in small and recently isolated populations in a changing environment. Read her full profile here.

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