The Theodosius Dobzhansky Prize


The Theodosius Dobzhansky Prize is awarded annually by the Society for the Study of Evolution to recognize the accomplishments and future promise of an outstanding young evolutionary biologist. The prize was established in memory of Professor Dobzhansky by his friends and colleagues, and reflects his lifelong commitment to fostering the research careers of young scientists. 



2019 Application Procedure

Eligibility - We consider candidates working on all areas of evolutionary biology, broadly defined. We are specifically looking for candidates that take creative approaches to answering pressing questions in evolutionary biology. We will consider people working on any taxonomic group (i.e., plants, animals, fungi, microbes, etc.) and who take empirical and/or theoretical approaches. We value diversity, and are seeking a broad and diverse applicant pool from all axes and components of diversity in the evolutionary biology community.

The candidate must have a Ph.D. (or equivalent) awarded no earlier than May 2015 and no later than February 1, 2019, and must be actively involved in research in the field of evolutionary biology.  There are no other restrictions. Applicants do not have to be members of the Society for the Study of Evolution, but membership is encouraged.

Nomination/Application - Candidates may apply directly or may be nominated. Each candidacy must be supported by the following materials detailing the candidate's career to date: (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a summary of research accomplishments of up to 3 pages, (3) a statement of up to 4 pages of research plans for the next 5 years (note length limitation), (4) pdf copies of three recent publications, (5) names and addresses of the three referees (including the nominating scientist where applicable) who have sent supporting letters. N.B.: The three letters of reference are sent separately, but no application will be considered without these letters.

The application/nomination materials must be sent as PDF e-mail attachments, preferably united in a single file. All materials should be sent to the SSE Secretary (John Stinchcombe) at by January 31, 2019.

Award - The Dobzhansky Prize is accompanied by a check for U.S. $5000, and will be awarded at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution, 2019, in Providence, RI. The recipient is expected to be present to receive the award and to give an oral presentation about his/her research. To facilitate attendance, the SSE provides funds to cover the costs of conference registration, accommodation during the conference, and expenses for travel to and from the conference. The recipient will be notified of the award in approximately late March.


Past Dobzhansky Prize winners:

        1990   Erik Greene       2000   Thomas Lenormand       2010   Fyodor Kondrashov   
1981   Douglas R. Cavener       1991   Jonathan Losos       2001   Alexander Badyaev       2011   Joel McGlothlin  
1982  Elizabeth Anne Zimmer       1992   Barry Sinervo       2002   Howard Rundle        2012   Daniel Rabosky  
1983 Anthony J. Zera     1993   H. Allen Orr       2003   Daven Presgraves       2013   Rowan D. H. Barrett  
1984   Robb F. Leary     1994   David Haig       2004   Aneil Agrawal       2014   Daniel Matute  
1985 Joshua J. Schwartz      1995   David Begun       2005   Daniel Bolnick       2015    Katie Wagner
        1996   Rufus A. Johnstone       2006   Russel Bonduriansky        2016    Mary Caswell Stoddard
1987   Ary A. Hoffmann       1997   Massimo Pigliucci        2007   Franziska Michor       2017  Molly Schumer
1988  Steven A. Frank       1998   Christian P. Klingenberg       2008   Patrik Nosil       2018   Amanda Kyle Gibson
1989 Bernard J. Crespi     1999   Jason B. Wolf       2009   Judith Mank               


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