The Evolution annual meetings are held jointly by the Society for the Study of Evolution, the American Society of Naturalists and the Society of Systematic Biologists.

Evolution 2015, Meeting Website - Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil – June 26-30


Attendees will need a visa obtained from the Brazilian consulate.  We suggest that individuals call to inquire about the timeline, because different processors have different timelines (possibly depending on the state). It may take up to 45 days+, costs $150 - $180 (or more if you are in a hurry). For shorter times, the application must be made in person.

1.  Attendees will need a visa obtained from the Brazilian consulate to attend the Evolution 2015 conference in Guarujá.  These visas cost around $170 if you go through a visa service, and $120 if you do it yourself.  
2.  The application takes up to 45+ days - plan to apply at least four weeks before you travel to Brazil.  
3.  Visas are good for ten years.  It is less complicated to apply as a tourist, which includes attending conferences.  
4.  Attendees will have to send their application, passport, and a passport photo to someone (a friend or a service) that will apply for the visa in person, or they can apply themselves.  There are specific instructions for the photo - it must be the size of a standard passport photo with a plain expression (no smiling).   Passports are kept by the consulate for about a week while they paste the visa on one of the pages.  
5.  All applications must be done in person and an appointment is required, which can be made through the consulate web site.  The person can be a friend or a representative that you hire through a visa service.  

More information can be found here

I know this all sounds complicated - it is, and we need to start getting the word out soon or we will have lots of disgruntled attendees stranded at airports. Please tell others who might be considering attending.  They will not be allowed to board a plane headed for Brazil without a visa. 



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